Corona virus disease commonly known as COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire around the globe. In order to protect themselves, people have started wearing masks and staying indoors. In fear of catching the infections and virus, businesses have been closed down and economies have been disturbed. But here is the bright side – the bright side of how technology can work your way out through this chaos. Our telemedicine solution has been designed to benefit all of you in multiple ways but speaking of healthcare community, here is how we can pave paths for you.

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Apart from being a threat to sound health, Corona virus is also a threat for your business. So, let’s keep your business continuity and here is where telemedicine can readily help you out. Examine your patients using telemedicine and go through their online medical records as well. Following this will save your time and will help in your business flow.

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Safety first! Stay indoors and keep yourselves safe at all costs. Consult your doctors using telemedicine and upload all of your medical records online to avoid any inconvenience. Register now with us and get 1000 rupees discount on your COVID tests from our affiliated labs.

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Crowded hospitals are catalysts for the Corona virus outbreak. The best way to control it is by encouraging your patients and doctors for using telemedicine. This way, the infected patients can be well segregated from the non-infected ones.

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Providing the test results and medical results to the patients online can really help in controlling the Corona virus outbreak. Our telemedicine solution provides vast and comprehensive features for all of the stakeholders so that it can be used in everyone’s convenience.

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Encouraging the use of telemedicine will help the government bodies to keep a track of all the patient’s health records and strategize accordingly. This will also help in controlling the Corona virus outbreak and spread the awareness among citizens.

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NGOs can keep working effectively, without any hindrance by applying the maximum usage of telemedicine in their organizations. Collective use of telemedicine can not only keep one protected and safe from viral infections but also minimize the hassle of daily commute.

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