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Turn your clinic/hospital into smart and maintain electronic health record of your patients in a complete digital health suite which supports in-person, call center and remotely operated tele-diagnosis and teleconsultation. ...Clients’ records can be accessible anywhere in the world. By using EHREasy you can turn following processes into Smart Health; Monitoring your clinic/hospital/staff with one window dashboard Registration & Front-desk management Appointments & Scheduling Intake & Patient History Clinical Documentation SOAP [Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan] Follow-ups tracking and management Alerts and Notifications Referral Management Tele-diagnosis Tele-Radiology Call Center Billing

PHREasy is One Solution to provide you complete track of your health record anywhere in the world from birth to final days of your life. By using PHREasy you can;

  • View your Health Record and Visit history
  • Request Refill of your prescriptions
  • Request or View Lab Results
  • Search Healthcare providers
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Do in-person or teleconsultation with medical specialists
  • Import/Export/Share your Health Record